How to Care For Your Forever Luxe Lashes

Forever Luxe mink lashes were crafted to be reusable up to 25 times while our silk lashes can reused up to 10 times! To ensure you get the most uses out of your lashes, it is essential to properly clean/care for them after each wear.

Gentle is key.

Be as gentle when removing your lashes as when you first applied them. Do not pull on the lashes when removing them.

Remove the glue.

Make sure to remove any excess glue left on the lash band after every use to extend the life of your mink lashes!

Extra help

Dab some oil-free makeup remover along the band of the lashes with a cotton swab and wait a few seconds for the glue to dissolve.

Don’t soak them!

Never soak your lashes in water or other liquids as it may ruin the shape and curl of the mink fur, shortening the life span of your lashes.

Keep them clean

Store your mink lashes in the original casing to avoid collecting dust, bacteria or anything else that might compromise the quality of the hair. This will also ensure that your Forever Luxe Lashes retain their shape and, most importantly, stay clean!

No mascara!

Mascara will ruin the quality of the hair. Love your lashes and only apply mascara to your natural lashes if needed!