The biggest underlying difference between synthetic and mink lashes is quality.  Although traditional synthetic false lashes are cheaper, they do not last as long and do not provide the natural shine and feel that mink lashes offer.  Synthetic lashes feel like plastic, can be very irritating to your eyes, and look fake when worn.  Real mink fur lashes are more comfortable, look more natural, is lightweight, and most importantly, they can reused and worn up to 25 times.  Mink eyelashes are considered a high end product when compared to their synthetic counterparts.  

We offer a total of 21 styles of lashes to ensure you will find your perfect pair.

We do not recommend applying any mascara onto them. If you love wearing mascara, we recommend first curling your natural lashes, apply mascara, wait for it to dry before applying your Forever Luxe mink lashes. Applying mascara to your mink lashes will cause the lashes to harden and lose their shape. 

Yes, however, we do not recommend applying too much pressure when curling your mink lashes. Gently curl them and increase the pressure accordingly until you achieve your desired result.

No. Never soak your lashes in water or other liquids as it may ruin the shape and curl of the mink fur, shortening the life span of your lashes.

With proper care, our lashes can last up to 20 uses. Over time, some of the fur will naturally shed and this is completely normal! To ensure you get the most of your lashes, never pull on the individual strands of lashes and always be gentle.  Click here for instructions on how to apply and care for our lashes.