Get the "Hollywood red-carpet-ready" look with lashes in our Ultra-Fluffy Collection.  Lashes in this collection are handcrafted with our multi-curl technique.  With this technique, each lash strand exhibits its own unique curl and is combined to give you lashes that are more voluminous and extra glamorous for the ultimate "fluffy" look.  





Say YES to feeling confident and YES to feeling sexy with lashes in our Ultra-Voluminous Collection.  Lashes in this collection are extra full and high volume, sought after by those that dare to be bold.  Handcrafted with our multi-layered designs, these lashes are sure to give you the seductive and intensified look you've been searching for.



Transition effortlessly from day to evening with lashes in our Medium Volume Collection.  These lashes will give you the perfect amount of drama to your makeup look no matter what the occasion, day, or time!  



Our Natural Collection features lashes that are perfect for any daytime occasion, whether it's work or going out to lunch with your friends.  Many of these lashes offer a soft fluttery effect to accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes and are so lightweight and comfortable you'll want to wear them everyday!



Our Crystal Collection features lashes handcrafted on a transparent, clear band for those that don't want the bolder look from a black band.  Lashes in this collection range from super natural to ultra-fluffy!