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Our Brand

At Forever Luxe Lashes, we believe that lashes are more than just lashes, they’re a lifestyle. Our mission is to empower individuals around the world to be confident in themselves by breaking down boundaries and shattering stereotypes. We believe lashes speak louder than words and we want you to express your creative freedom unapologetically. Our goal is to revolutionize the false lash industry by offering glamorous three-dimensional strip lashes that cannot be found at your local drug store.

Our Product

Long Lasting Lashes

Forever Luxe Lashes were crafted to be reusable up to 25 times when cared for properly. The shape and form won't ever change with gentle care, unlike traditional synthetic lashes, which only lasts up to 5 times. Keep your lashes safe and protected in our magnetic box.

forever luxe lashes

Lightweight & Comfortable

Our lashes are handcrafted with 100% authentic, naturally shed mink hairs, allowing for the softest, most natural looking false lashes. Each strand exhibits its own unique curl, combined to give your eyes a beautiful lift. Handcrafted on a cotton band, our lashes will be one of the most comfortable lashes you'll ever wear. Our premium mink hairs are so lightweight you'll forget you're even wearing them!

Sterilized & Hypoallergenic

Our 100% natural mink hair is free from any chemical processing or dyes and sterilized to ensure it is safe for use.

Easy Application

Unlike synthetic lashes which often feel like plastic, our cotton band is very malleable, allowing for effortless application.

Our Promise

We promise to offer quality, variety, and affordability to lash wearers and makeup enthusiasts worldwide. No matter your eye shape, our line consists of over 20 different lash styles and we are confident your perfect pair awaits you.

We invite you to channel your INNER LUXE and indulge yourself into the world of luxury lashes.